04-12-10 Promoting YOU Video

Strategies for Promoting YOU in your Marketing

To market your business effectively, you really need to be promoting YOU and have a unique selling proposition. People need to know why they should do business with you, instead of someone else. The WorksTeam leaders have noticed that this is often difficult for people and the one aspect of many people’s websites and other marketing that is very often lacking.

On this training we will be sharing ideas and strategies that:

* Help you learn how to utilize your past experience more effectively
* Promote yourself truthfully, and still attract people to you, even if you are new to the industry
* Learn how to “toot your own horn” without sounding conceited
* What to include, and what not to include, on your webpages and other marketing content
* How to effectively use “borrowed credibility”

Whether you have been marketing you and your business for a while, or you are just starting out, you’ll gain valuable tips that could make a big difference in attracting people to YOU.

NOTE: If you want to see the video in Full-Screen, right-click on the video image and select either full-screen, or zoom then full-screen depending on the browser you are using.

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