09-27-10 Creating and Marketing EProducts Video

Creating & Marketing Your Own EProducts

An Eproduct is a great way to create an income stream, or an additional income stream, and also establish your credibility. But how do you begin?

On this training we’ll be discussing strategies and simple ways to:

* Develop your product idea
* Simply options for creating your product
* Marketing the product

Whether you are new to internet marketing and don’t know a thing about marketing yet, or your an internet veteran, you’ll gain valuable ideas and insights to be able to quickly and easily create and market your own Eproduct.

NOTE: If you want to see the video in Full-Screen, right-click on the video image and select either full-screen, or zoom then full-screen depending on the browser you are using.

Tools & Resources

NOTE: Check with the WorksTeam member you are working with for his/her affiliate links, if he/she does NOT have affiliate links, then feel free to use the links below

13-Day Info Product Creation Kit
CreateSpace – free to set up account, prints and mails out your books, audios or videos on demand

OpenOffice.org – like Microsoft Office, but free – securely save documents as pdfs

Amazon S3 & EzS3 – secure storage and easy retrieval and embedding of videos and files

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