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rosie-riveter1The WorksTeam Blog is a place to keep up to date with WorksTeam news, learn about new tools and resources,  share ideas with other entrepreneurs and WorksTeam leaders, and get answers to your questions.  We encourage you to ask questions, share successes and help others with your suggestions or help. Helping like-minded entrepreneurs to succeed is what the WorksTeam is all about!

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Wendy Malowany is an artist, internet marketer, and educator. She has been a home business entrepreneur since the beginning of 2001. Since 2005, she has been training and helping people to be successful in their chosen businesses, has developed multiple income streams to support her and her three children after being divorced, and is helping others to grow and build their businesses to create independence and reach their goals too. One of her current projects is writing Art FUNdamentals, a self-directed, multi-age art lesson book, which will be available on her website Working at home has allowed her to spend time with her husband, children and animals on their farm in Ontario, Canada. Wendy is focusing more on her own artwork and using what she's learned in marketing to promote her work. Self-sufficiency is one of their interests, so they spend time in their garden, canning, processing maple syrup, and are currently working on plans to "get off the grid".
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  1. Carol Meade says:

    I love the idea of “Rosie the Riveter” as our symbol— call me a sappy US Patriot, but, I kind of like the reference to a time in our country’s history when things looked bleak, but we (as a nation) pulled together and persevered to success. The analogy inspires me! Thank you, Wendy, for all you do to make this whole thing work. I have NO IDEA how many hundreds of hours you have donated to this endeavor and I just wanted to say thanks. I’m excited about what the future holds as we unite to support one another toward success, however we individually define it!

  2. Wendy Mills says:

    Hi Carol, you’re welcome! Rosie Riveter does fit well for the WorksTeam, doesn’t she? Rosie goes back to Ann Sieg actually – she referenced Rosie’s “can do attitude”. Not long after Renegade launched and we got to meet again face-to-face I gave Ann a Rosie Riveter tshirt with the Renegade Network Marketer url on the back. So Rosie has a long association with the WorksTeam 🙂

  3. coachcurt says:

    Hi Carol & Wendy – our very first group coaching call is coming up here in 90 minutes – Thanks for all your work on the Launch Wendy – The WorksTeam mentoring community will be the most enviable family in all the Renegade phenomena.

    I’ll be looking on the calls and this blog for those up and coming leaders who are going to help us guide and train the masses coming our way. (Hint: WT members – be aggressive – poke your head up here – be seen!)

    talk to you soon.

    Coach Curt
    ps – say hi to Rosie for me.

  4. Steven says:

    Wendy and Curt, GREAT job on both the coaching call and tonight’s call about joint venturing. One of the questions was, “What’s the ‘dark’ side of JV?”

    In addition to making sure there is equal work from each JV partner, another “dark” side is the awful truth that someone will appear to be a good JV partner, but their real motive is to learn from you, steal your niche and cut you out. So be ever on your guard – and “Never smile at a crocodile!”, says Peter Pan.

  5. Carol Meade says:

    On the group coaching call this evening, Curt mentioned a product called ‘Camtasia’—- my question to anyone/everyone is this: Can some of you post your application of this software? I would like to see how it is being used before I invest in it (from my own web search, it looks to be around $300). I would also appreciate insight on where to purchase this…if anyone has any ideas……

  6. bobward says:

    Curt, Wendy and Team….
    Great work last night. Awesome to be able to post to the blog and interact with the rest of the team.

    I’m wondering if it is possible to change the blog comment role to show the latest comments first? Or….is that a ‘no-no’ in the blog comment world?

    Bob Ward

  7. coachcurt says:

    Hi Carol:

    I have just started to use Camtasia – really like it – I created these short skype tutorials with it:


  8. Jfi says:

    Hi All;
    Great Coaching call on Monday.
    I agreed on this call to be a guinea pig and put my brand new, in progress blog, out for critique in every way.
    I am getting lots of hits, even though I haven’t done anything to promote; BUT and this is a big BUT, very very few
    sign ups.
    So I say Help anyone. and I am grateful for any and all help

  9. coachcurt says:

    Hi Joan:

    I’ve been spending some time looking over your site and have a few thoughts! If it is OK with you, I would like to use your site as a lesson during our group coaching session next monday night!

    Also – if I want to give others the opportunity to provide some feedback of their own here before I do –


    Using the blog in this way is a HUGE value to all of us as we create content, get feedback, get referrals, etc. etc.

    Coach Curt

  10. Joan, you’re a brave soul and I’m proud of you for stepping up as the “guinea Pig”. I’ve taken a look at your site and here are some comments:

    1) I like the title and look and feel of the site. It’s friendly, colorful and easy to read.

    2) Visitors may be a bit confused as to the goal and purpose of your site. It’s not clear exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. If your goal is to drive visitors to a business opportunity, then that path isn’t as clear as it could be. For instance, if you click on the “Income” tab at the top of the page, the result is a page that is more multi-purpose. If moving them toward a business path is your goal, then you could add direct links for this.

    3) It’s a GREAT start and I like your writing style. I’m reminded of an old saying, “What’s begun is almost done.” You’ve got off the starting blocks and it can only get better from here.

    Way to go!!


  11. Jfi says:

    Thanks Steve;
    I appreciate you comments and I agree.
    My goal is to attract people who are interested in doing “something” from Home and develop a trustful report with them to move forward in a way where they have confidence in themselves and in me.
    I guess I am taking the long way round.
    Thanks, keep comments coming.
    I do add many times a week in different areas.
    My background is food and nutrition and I have written many cookbooks, so recipes come naturally..

  12. Jfi says:

    Thanks Curt.
    Yes you can use the Blog.
    I appreciate all comments.
    This is new for me and I feel I am not addressing it as directly as I should.
    Looking forward to your help and those of everyone.

  13. Marsha says:

    Hi Curt….
    Thanks for doing the tutorials on Skype. I just got my account.
    Do you recommend a particular Headset?

  14. dtettey says:

    Hi Works Team teammates!

    I have a question about marketing the weekly works team calls…Are the GTW(gotowebinar) registration links connected to affiliate accounts?
    I am guessing that it is best to advertise the calls by using our affiliate account links…am I right on this? Thanks for your help…


  15. Michael says:

    Hi Marsha,
    Like yourself, I’m new on Skype and have been looking at headsets. I would strongly consider a headset with a mute switch on it. I would also suggest searching “Skype headsets” at Tiger Direct ( From what I’ve seen on their site (compared to others), they have the best selection, reasonable prices and appear to get more customer reviews than other sites. I don’t take the reviews necessarily as gospel but they do help in making a final decision.


  16. Linda Adams says:

    Aug 3rd was my first time on the Coaching calls with Curt Johnson.
    There was some discussion about auto-responders AWebber, IContact and Oprius.
    Curt asked my if I would start a thread on the blog about this and I agreed.
    I found myself totally lost as to the correct place to post this topic. But, seek and ye shall find does prevail.

    The topic of discussion on auto-responders was along the lines of pros and cons for those three mentioned above.
    What are the benefits, what experiences have people had. One particular comment that came up was in regards to transferring contacts from one auto-responder to another.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  17. Linda Adams says:

    I would also like to stick my neck out and submit a couple of blogs for others to review. (this is very scary)

    I would like to get some feedback please.

    I have not marketed either of them, however I can see that there have been some visitors.

    The Blogger site was set up for the sole purpose of tracking my progress with a particular product. Don’t really know what to do with it or not.


  18. I really enjoyed looking at Joan’s website and hope to look at other member’s sites. Would love feedback on my site as well.

    Tamara Bergen

  19. Michael says:

    Hi Linda,

    I use iContact. What I like about iContact is the tracking you can get on the emails you send, whether they are sent out in the autoresponder or to just a list you have created in your iContact account. It will tell you if any emails bounce (bad email address), will tell you who opened their emails from you, when and how many times and if you have any live links in the email, it also tells you who clicked on the links and when. When I originally researched autoresponders, iContact was the least expensive when you are first starting out. After you get either 2500 or 5000 contacts entered, it is a little more than AWebber but is still competitive.

    As far as moving contacts from one program to another, you can move or merge other contacts into iContact as long as you follow the screens and enter them as contacts that have already given you permission to email them. From what I remember from the last time I transferred contacts from ACT into iContact, there is a check box that you must check otherwise iContact will only let you add the contacts if you are going to first send them an opt-in email. Also, like anything there is a learning curve in transferring contacts from one program to another.

    I have looked at Oprius. I’m a die hard fan of ACT as well as one who prefers having my data on my computer. So I’ve been reluctant to change programs. That said, after hearing what has been said about Oprius it does make sense to use a program that does the work of more than one other program. You just won’t have as detailed tracking as you can get with iContact. I’ll even go so far as to say if Oprius ever does have detailed tracking similar to iContact, I would probably be tempted to switch from using ACT and iContact and just use Oprius. It is my understanding a lot of the founders of the Worksteam started with ACT and have moved over to Oprius.

    I hope this helps you make your decision of which to use.

  20. nancyc says:

    Hi Linda,

    I took at look at

    What caught my eye at first glance was the mail box. I love your image! When I clicked on it, I suspected that it would open to SendOutcards. Very fun.

    After a quick run through, I found your site to be very pleasant and professional looking with very well-written articles and a great use of images. It is also content-rich, lots of good info.

    I’d say – good job!

    Nancy Christenson

  21. Steven Webber says:


    I agree with Nancy, your site looks very professional, has nice graphics and is certainly content rich. You asked for feedback so here are a couple of thoughts:

    1) You might want to use the power of your main site ( to give your other site ( more notice by adding a link to it.

    2) You’ve done a GREAT job of adding content to your page, but it is a very long scroll to see it all. You might think about making the center section more about you, then add a directory with links to the various articles that are there. By adding links to articles within your site, you would also increase page ranking because you’re adding pages.

    On balance, you get an A- for the site! Nice job!

    Steven Webber

  22. tazcurt says:

    Hi Linda:

    Coach Curt here – I like your site. It is “clean” with lots of good spacing. You’ve already received some good feedback – thought I would add a couple thoughts regarding the “about” page:
    – the font is a bit small and light.
    – use more subtitles in your site, including this page – be creative -something like “Found Health and Freedom to go to – the ZOO!”

    Subtitles can help scanners and create curiosity.

    Keep up the good work!

    coach Curt

  23. tazcurt says:

    Linda – btw – followed you on twitter –

    encourage all of us to give each other follow!

    Coach curt

  24. Rick says:

    I’m really glad I’m here with you guys. I have so much to learn from you. These comments posted here add to the strategies that one can use to better their money making efforts as well as show people how to get people interested in a home business opportunity and how powerful it really can be.

    I have had a hard time getting on the calls because of the time but I should have that taken care of by Monday. I’m really excited about the new Works Team site and how powerful it can be for people that need that one on one environment. I love the comments and yes tazcurt, I think it’s a great idea for us to follow each other on twitter…

    Rick Salas

  25. Linda Adams says:

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to view my sites and give me such valuable insight. I really appreciate it.

  26. coachcurt says:

    Hi Rick:

    Already following you on twitter! Wendy does a great job of getting the calls recorded and posted – and we did just expand the group coaching call into another call on Thursday nights – hope that helps.

  27. Hi Wendy,

    I could hardly wait to post about tonight’s WorksTeam training call. It was fantastic!

    Being up to my eyeballs building my own SBI! site, your information was tremendously valuable.

    Even for those who aren’t at that place yet, it’s great to know that the WorksTeam website will be there to help them.

    Thanks Wendy!

  28. suewhite says:

    Wendy & Curt,
    Good call tonight on websites. Just curious as to why you decided to go with a blog for interaction with members of the team vs a forum? Recently read a recap of some low-cost forum software I know that forum software could be integrated with a SiteBuildIt website, could forum software be integrated with a WordPress site and your membership site software?
    Sue White

  29. Wendy Mills says:

    Hi Sue,

    Great question! Yes, we can add a forum. phpBB is an open source forum software which can be added to a wordpress blog or site. Right now the priority is to get our library moved to the new site, as well as the recording descriptions, etc.

    So for now, utilizing the blog and our weekly group coaching webinars are the best ways to communicate with other WorksTeam members, but a WorksTeam forum will be something you’ll see in the future as part of our mentorship community.

  30. coachcurt says:

    Thanks Wendy for your wisdom on the group mentoring call Monday tonight! Your vast experience is going to save so many TONS of time and money in putting their businesses together and/or accelerating their success. We don’t have to try everything and learn the HARD way – you’ve aleady done that 🙂 thanks!!!

    We had a good turn out again – we’ve already expanded into Thursday nights – probably will need to add a 3rd one soon.

  31. Joan Bail says:

    The webinars are a great source of information and training. I’m just starting my SBI site and learned a lot from the last webinar. Now it’s just a matter of implementing all I’ve learned. Thank so much for the good training.

  32. Steven Webber says:

    Joan, you’re on a roll and learning is important, but there is something even more important. Question: Four birds were sitting on a fence and two decided to fly off. How many were left on the fence?

    Answer: Four, deciding and doing are very different! So, now that you’ve learned – DO!

  33. Marsha says:

    HI …..
    I’m working on SBI to define my niche and come up with my “anchor text line”. I’ve listend to the “Big Picture Intro through Day 5”. I am now trying to implement Day 2 but it is a real challenge for me. I totally see the benefit of SBI to build a website but I’m sure feeling overwhelmed! Anyone have any thoughts or words of wisdom???

  34. Marsha says:

    Hi All…
    The Coaching Call tonight was great. I was really frustrated with SBI and Google Adwords (as noted in my comment above) and Wendy walked us through Adwords. I have a much better understanding of how to do a “Key Word Search” and what the results of the search mean. Thanks! These calls are so beneficial!

  35. tazcurt says:

    Hi Marsha – glad you found some wisdom to move forward. Being in action is a KEY to understanding and finding answers. Many people get stuck or take to long to cultivate a business because they want it all to make sense first. Like surfing, it doesn’t make sense until you get on the board.

  36. coachcurt says:

    Hi Guys:

    I had to miss the Mon PM Webinar – what did you get out of it?

  37. Hi Curt,

    I had to miss the Sept. 21st webinar also. Since I was familiar with the topic, …”Utilizing Networking To Your Advantage,” I decided I didn’t need to listen to the recording.

    But, your question “what did you get out of it?” has been glaring at me for days now and I decided to listen and respond.

    Wow – as always, Wendy delivered. She reminds me of the energizer bunny, she just keeps on giving.

    Wendy reminded me of many important aspects of Social Networking I had heard before but had forgotten, such as:

    * having a compelling profile on your sites
    * respond to posts on social websites for visibility
    * be selective in the posts you comment to – and while you’re at it, post your comments in multiple areas
    * get ideas for your own articles from questions on social sites and forums
    * the value of JV partnerships which can develop more income for all partners

    The idea I decided to take action on is to use the notes I took from this webinar and write an article about it. I haven’t decided where I’ll post it yet. I’ll keep you posted!

    (By-the-way – it’s so nice to have Steven Webber back with us. He did a great job as the host, providing great input along with his delightful personality.)

  38. nancyc says:

    If we’ve been told, I missed it.

    Is the WorksTeam logo available for us to use with our marketing?


  39. Wendy Mills says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I don’t think I specifically mentioned the logo when going over resources available to those promoting the WorksTeam training, but YES, you may use the WorksTeam logo. Just make sure you put a link to your affiliate url. I will be creating banners, etc. which will be available to affiliates in the future. Look for announcemnts on that here on the Works Team blog.

  40. Marsha says:

    HI All…
    I have a questions regarding SBI. My understanding is that SBI updates Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask once per day on changes to your site AFTER you start the process by submitting to Google and the other sites. Is this correct? Do we need to start the process after our home page is complete before WorldSubmitter takes over?

    If SBI does this automatically then great. BUT if yes, then I’m having a problem trying to make the initial contact. Has anyone worked through this that might be able to assist.

    I’m foll

  41. nancyc says:

    Hi Marsha,

    I had a ridiculously difficult time getting my “sitemap” completed with Google. Although, I’m not sure this is where you are stuck.

    My understanding is that WorldSubmitter is an automatic process with SBI. If you have your site mapping completed, you should be good to go.

    If it is a site map problem… I finally logged into “Renegade Professional” and watched Lisa Hanfeleti’s webinar on SBI! Day 6 – How to Submit Your Sitemap. It’s in the Trainers section.

    I couldn’t even tell you what step I wasn’t doing, all I know is I finally got my sitemap with Google verified – it was a happy day!

    I hope this helps.

  42. Marsha says:

    Thanks Nancy..

    I’ll watch the webinar by Lisa to make sure I’ve done everything I need to do!!!!!


  43. Marsha says:

    Hi Nancy…

    I was definitely having problems with submitting my site map! Going to the webinar on SBI! Day 6 “How to Submit Your Sitemap” by Lisa in Renegade Professional was sooooo helpful!

    It is amazing how much easier it can be to understand something sometimes when someone walks you through it as opposed to you reading the directions yourself.

    For others who are having this same problem, Yahoo has just made a change and there are now a couple of extra steps needed that are not in Lisa’s webinar but the webinar was very helpful!

    Thanks again Nancy for the tip! I’m now verified with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Time to celebrate and write more pages…!


  44. Woo hoo!! I’m so happy for your celebration.

    Happy writing…


  45. bettyframe says:

    Hi Everyone, I just found this blog (well again, I’d forgotten where it was). It sure is a blessing to become aquainted with so many wonderful network marketers as well as receive encouragement,tips and training. May everyone be extremely blessed throughout the rest of the year 🙂

  46. Wendy Mills says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments, Betty. Yes, we do have a lot of talented, giving networkers here – glad you have joined us, and have benefited.

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