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Wendy Malowany is an artist, internet marketer, and educator. She has been a home business entrepreneur since the beginning of 2001. Since 2005, she has been training and helping people to be successful in their chosen businesses, has developed multiple income streams to support her and her three children after being divorced, and is helping others to grow and build their businesses to create independence and reach their goals too. One of her current projects is writing Art FUNdamentals, a self-directed, multi-age art lesson book, which will be available on her website Working at home has allowed her to spend time with her husband, children and animals on their farm in Ontario, Canada. Wendy is focusing more on her own artwork and using what she's learned in marketing to promote her work. Self-sufficiency is one of their interests, so they spend time in their garden, canning, processing maple syrup, and are currently working on plans to "get off the grid".
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One Response to Mentorship Community Coaching Starts Aug. 3rd

  1. Linda Adams says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Yesterday Aug 3rd was my first time on the Coaching calls with Curt Johnson.

    There was some discussion about auto-responders AWebber, IContact and Oprius.

    Curt asked my if I would start a thread on the blog about this and I agreed.

    Now that I am here at the blog site – I find myself totally at a loss as to how to accomplish that, so I am commenting hoping this is the correct way of doing this.

    The topic of discussion on auto-responders was along the lines of pros and cons for those three mentioned above.

    We would like to know what experience people have had with these, particularly in transfer contacts, or from one auto-responder to another.
    The benefits of one or the other and so on.

    My personal experience is that Oprius was much more user friendly, and I liked the contact manager part as well as the task management system. I’m not very savvy to technology and the more simple the better for me. I also like the Capture page feature in Oprius.

    One thing I would like Oprius to do that it doesn’t right now is enable the links that come in emails.

    If I remember correctly, Oprius is open to hearing what people would like to have available in the Oprius system that would help them. And, they may be willing to implement it if enough people were wanting the same thing.

    What is everyone’s experience with auto responder? We would like to know what you have to say.

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