WorksTeam Webinar 8/24 – Attraction Marketing Challenge

Does Attraction Marketing seem overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be!  Join us on this free webinar to get the  “big picture” of attraction marketing as we walk you through the process and create a blog with an opt-in to start attracting people – all within an hour!

Register for our  webinar August 24th at 9pm EST at no cost and learn how to Attraction Marketing works in this one hour demonstration of the process. The WorksTeam Mon. Night Training webinar’s topic is:

Attraction Marketing Challenge

On tonight’s webinar we’ll be asking a WorksTeam member to give us her niche ideas and within our hour training, we’ll go through the process of researching and deciding on the best niche market, putting up a blog and creating an opt-in – all in an hour!

This will be a great webinar to give you the “big picture” of attraction marketing, and show you that, although there is a lot to learn to become skilled in attraction marketing, it really is not that difficult. Whether you are new to attraction marketing or a veteran, you’ll gain a lot of valuable tips and greater understanding of the attraction marketing process.

You are welcome to join this Worksteam webinar at no cost. We record the webinars each week, but to access to the WorksTeam site, you need to become a member of the WorksTeam. Read about your membership options.

Also, WorksTeam members have access to your Mentorship Community. Our small group coaching session is at 7:30pm EST every Monday, prior to our regular WorksTeam training webinar. Have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from our own Curt Johnson, founder of the WorksTeam and the mastermind group Renegade Ann Sieg came out of.

To register for the WorksTeam Mentorship Community coaching session, login to the WorksTeam site and go to the Mentorship Community page from the Members Home page or drop down menu.

About worksteam

Wendy Malowany is an artist, internet marketer, and educator. She has been a home business entrepreneur since the beginning of 2001. Since 2005, she has been training and helping people to be successful in their chosen businesses, has developed multiple income streams to support her and her three children after being divorced, and is helping others to grow and build their businesses to create independence and reach their goals too. One of her current projects is writing Art FUNdamentals, a self-directed, multi-age art lesson book, which will be available on her website Working at home has allowed her to spend time with her husband, children and animals on their farm in Ontario, Canada. Wendy is focusing more on her own artwork and using what she's learned in marketing to promote her work. Self-sufficiency is one of their interests, so they spend time in their garden, canning, processing maple syrup, and are currently working on plans to "get off the grid".
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8 Responses to WorksTeam Webinar 8/24 – Attraction Marketing Challenge

  1. Bev LaDSmith says:

    Hi Wendy, Cammy and Curt-
    There are so many excellent training tutorials in Renegade Professional that it is easy to get stuck in “laptop land” —absorbing all the great information. This Monday’s webinar will be a great boost to get out in the “real online world”. Looking forward to The Works Team live training!
    Bev LaDSmith

  2. Hi Wendy, Cammy and Curt:

    Like Bev stated above, Ren Pro has a ton of information to absorb and you can get distracted easily. However, that’s why being on these training calls are so important to know where to begin and how to continue to move forward. I’m looking forward to the coaching call and wt training today.



  3. Hi Wendy,

    I have a couple of questions from last night’s training call. You had mentioned that a keyword that had 74,000 hits was too big and went for one that was 6,000 hits. In the training for building a website through SBI, Ken Evoy recommends a keyword just under 80,000 hits as “the sweet spot”. Are there different rules for blogs?

    For my website, I tried to find a KW that was at 74,000 hits for the main KW for each page. Of course, for some pages, I couldn’t find one and went lower rather than higher. Are you saying that we should go with lower-hit KW’s for website pages, as well as blogs? What do you recommend as the “sweet spot” for KW’s?

    I am also wondering about what I’d write in a newsletter? Is it basically a blog post sent in an email? Still have to set up Oprius and do that training.

    Thanks Wendy, Tamara

  4. Wendy Mills says:

    Hi Tamara,

    Great questions. Actually the SBI Action Guide has this to say about keywords,

    “As a rule of thumb, any keyword with a Demand (“Searches” in Wordtracker’s tool) that is greater than 3,000 is going to be toooo broad. As a ballpark rule, consider Demands between 300 and 3,000. Remember that any Site Concept with a Demand towards the higher end of the scale is bound to be harder to “win.” It can be done, but it will take more effort and time.

    The keyword for your Site Concept itself should normally have a Value Demand of greater than 2,000, preferably over 3,000. If it’s a new and growing area, accept a lower number, sometimes substantially lower (depending on your passion and estimate of future potential).

    You should also have two or more other keywords that are near or over 1,000, and 10 or more in the hundreds (lower these thresholds, too, if this is a new or growing area).

    A nice “sweet spot” area, if you are going to be doing SBI! part-time (say 2-10 hours per week) is a Site Concept Keyword with Real Supply in the 30,000-70,000 area. The lower, the better, especially if it’s combined with many high Demand keywords. Higher than 70,000 is certainly do-able, and is especially worth the effort if good Demand is plentiful and if you are willing to put in a bit more work to win this niche.

    What if the potential Site Concept was just too broad? Find an interesting keyword in your MKL that’s related to your original Site Concept. It will usually be a “smaller part” of it. And then… do a Vertical Brainstorm on it!”

    For more details you can refer to Day 2 of the Action Guide.

    In the example on Monday, Carol had a lot of good seed words relating to coaching, and that is what I was focusing on because they did have the word coaching in them, even though coaching itself was probably a bit too broad. You can eventually broaden your niche, or gain traffic from more competitive keywords after you’ve gained traffic and are ranking in the search engines.

    Hope that helps to clarify.

  5. Bev LaDSmith says:

    Hi Works Team –

    On Monday evening’s webinar a site was given out for how to shorten URL’s. Could you repeat the info again?
    Thanks much.

  6. Wendy Mills says:

    Hi Bev,

    It is scissurl, There are others too, like tinyurl, but scissurl allows you to have an expiration date and a password to your link, which is a neat feature.

  7. Hi Wendy, thanks so much for your answer. I basically focused in on finding the main KW for each page at 74,000 from the Google KW Tool. Then added lower ones for the other 2 KW’s on the page.

    I’m wondering if I should go back at some point and redo the KW’s for my website. I know it’s a lot of work, but I wonder if it will increase my traffic. I’m still at 10 visitors/day and my website was basically done in April.

  8. jaz says:

    My full name is Jaswinder Singh & I am member of the Renegade Marketer, Renegade Pro & Send Out Cards. I am a free member here at the moment, will upgrade later. I like what I see & read here. Lookimg forward to join up as a paid up member.


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