EFoods Global Training – February

Many experts from several industries are letting us know that 2011 and the next few years may be very challenging for American families in many ways. Those who can see and prepare for what is coming can thrive – not just survive.

We are glad to present eFoodsGlobal as one of the newest companies that we at the WorksTeam endorse.

Below is a list of trainings for those wanting to promote eFoodsGlobal with us. (To join us, and get back to your WorksTeam enroller and ask them about this timely product and opportunity.)

eFoods Global TRAINING

Join us for the training sessions in February on eFoods Global.



Feb 7th through Feb 28th at noon ET  REGISTER https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/491955954


Feb 5th through March 5th at 9:30 am ET  REGISTER https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/743633794



Feb 5th at 10 am ET http://216904.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/FqFouDlEDrvsWvj4

Feb 12th at 10 am ET http://216904.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/xf2EJ3DxeZdNAOen

Feb 19th at 10 am ET http://216904.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/gGmEg8f6uxCiNLCW

Feb 26th at 10 am ET http://216904.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/esfXqzAfkNlGzXU0

Mar 5th at 10 am ET http://216904.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/2n60CQkrE6FgBMmO


Feb 7th at 7 pm ET http://216341.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/ponHVY6rfbPzbP5c

Feb 14th  Valentine Day! Enjoy The Day With Your Sweetie!

Feb 21st pm ET http://216341.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/qYh3cyX38DHzh4iY

Feb 28th at 7 pm ET http://216341.myvideobroadcaster.com/golive/m/17w5cpdi4hzmNqjH

Whether you are interested the opportunity, the products or both we would love to see you.

Be Prepared in 2011!

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Wendy Malowany is an artist, internet marketer, and educator. She has been a home business entrepreneur since the beginning of 2001. Since 2005, she has been training and helping people to be successful in their chosen businesses, has developed multiple income streams to support her and her three children after being divorced, and is helping others to grow and build their businesses to create independence and reach their goals too. One of her current projects is writing Art FUNdamentals, a self-directed, multi-age art lesson book, which will be available on her Homeschooling-Freedom.com website Working at home has allowed her to spend time with her husband, children and animals on their farm in Ontario, Canada. Wendy is focusing more on her own artwork and using what she's learned in marketing to promote her work. Self-sufficiency is one of their interests, so they spend time in their garden, canning, processing maple syrup, and are currently working on plans to "get off the grid".
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