WorkTeam Site Re-Opening Soon!

The WorksTeam Site and all the business resources will be open and available soon!

After PayPal caused a lot of headaches, I had to make a lot of changes. The membership software I was using for this site only worked with PayPal, so I had to get different membership software that would be compatible with a different payment processor. In the meantime, I locked the site to protect the WorksTeam Library of resources.

The new software is working great!  It is just a little time consuming getting everything configured and up and running.  Once everything is working, I’ll let everyone know in the WorksTeam enewsletter and will post here. If all goes well, we should be back up within a week, by Veterans and Remembrance Day.

We plan on continuing to have a free limited access membership and a regular paid membership at the ridiculously low price of $19.95/mo.  We may have some longer term subscriptions at a discount too.

Some Planned WorksTeam Webinar Topics After Re-Launch

Here are some of the topics we have planned so far, and please email suggestions if you would like training on a topic you don’t see.

  • Using SendOutCards to Build and Grow Any Business Through the Holidays and the Rest of the Year
  • How to Choose a Payment Processor for Your Website & What You Need to Know
  • Self Sufficiency in Your Business & Life
  • Facebook Strategies for your Business
  • How to Use Webinars to Market your Business
  • Ways to Create and Utilize Membership Sites for your Business

I’m looking forward to having the new site up and running even better than before and welcome your feedback!

To your success!

Wendy Malowany

About worksteam

Wendy Malowany is an artist, internet marketer, and educator. She has been a home business entrepreneur since the beginning of 2001. Since 2005, she has been training and helping people to be successful in their chosen businesses, has developed multiple income streams to support her and her three children after being divorced, and is helping others to grow and build their businesses to create independence and reach their goals too. One of her current projects is writing Art FUNdamentals, a self-directed, multi-age art lesson book, which will be available on her website Working at home has allowed her to spend time with her husband, children and animals on their farm in Ontario, Canada. Wendy is focusing more on her own artwork and using what she's learned in marketing to promote her work. Self-sufficiency is one of their interests, so they spend time in their garden, canning, processing maple syrup, and are currently working on plans to "get off the grid".
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2 Responses to WorkTeam Site Re-Opening Soon!

  1. Hi Wendy,
    Some suggestions:
    Free exchange of ideas between members:
    The value of using relaxation techniques to help reducing ‘overwhelm’ I use The Silva Method.

    Two recent books that are conferdence boosters..”The Genius In All Of Us” by David Shenk and Nicholas Carr’s “The Shallows”
    Here’s an extract I used when obtaining permission from the publishers to quote passages on my website:
    All I want to do is promote ‘The Shallows’ as recommended reading for Seniors or Baby Boomers with perhaps a couple of paragraphs outlining the advantages of reading this book to prevent those embarking on developing online marketing businesses from being being overwhelmed with the constant distractions of links.
    Here is an example I did with another book on my website (pasted as follows):
    I have purposely used the word ‘genius’ (above) after reading David Shenk’s book: ‘The Genius in All Of Us’ We need not get over awed with this word as in most cases people who are considered as geniuses have earned the title by going the process of learning skills with a passionate pursuit. They welcome their challenges and failures as messages from brain as positives
    ” Hang on, we need to rethink it from another angle”
    And because your going through the process your turning on your talent genes.
    So we need to think of talent not as a thing, but as a process; not something we have but something we do!
    Just some topics for brainstorming!

  2. Reta says:

    Thanks a lot for making the effort to explain the terminlogy towards the newbies!

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