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Week 1

homework:  decide on your niche, create anchor text and link

Week 2

homework: refine work from last week and start to build the frame work of your site at least 3-4 tier two keywords.

Week 3

Next week: Lead Capture

homework: refine work from last week and begin planning your landing page(s). What are you providing of value as a “trade” for their opt-in information? Think about follow up, headlines for autoresponders, etc.

Beginners: Funnel in Place

Intermediate: Creative “Bribe”

Advanced: Autoresponder Excellence – Headlines and copywriting.

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Note: only audio was recorded in the beginning. The screen is visable later in the recording.


Week 7:


Week 8:


Week 9:


Powerpoint Slides

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