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Who and What is The WorksTeam?

The Works Team is NOT a team in the traditional network marketing sense. We are not all in the same primary network marketing company or affiliate programs.  When you join the WorksTeam, you gain the benefit of access to top-notch business and marketing training on this secure website for you, and can refer your downline, business associates, affiliates or anyone you feel would benefit. Through our generous affiliate program, simple referring two paid members covers the cost of your own membership, and any referrals beyond that can create a nice additional income stream.

The Works Team  was founded from a MasterMind group of Independent Marketers, who provide training and support for fellow marketers in their chosen businesses. With so many fads out there in the industry its really tough to sort through what works and what does not work in building your network marketing business, affiliate marketing business, or internet business.

Our Works Team Leaders and Trainers are people who have been in our industry a while, and proven themselves to not only achieve a certain level of success in their own right, but have helped others as well. We believe in real world, solid nuts and bolts training, and keep up to date with what is working NOW in the industry.

If you would like to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation for help with your current business or help in choosing a business and getting it up and running the RIGHT way,  Contact Us

Our WorksTeam Leaders, Trainers & Guest Speakers

Wendy Malowany (Mills)

Curt Johnson

Wendy got started in network marketing in 2001, and has proven to be a successful entrepreneur and business trainer, not only learning how to effectively market her business, but helping others to do the same.

She consistently was on the top sponsor list in a past company and earned numerous other business achievement awards

Wendy took over leadership of the WorksTeam group of marketers and simple “WorksTeam” that consisted of some information and a few resources for marketers.  She began developing a full library of video training in 2007, then created this site and affiliate program. She is the site owner and lead trainer of this WorksTeam site.

More About Wendy

Curt has won awards as the #2 Recruiter and #1 Team Builder in a past company that he built, and has earned numerous other recruiting and team building awards over the years.

A mastermind group was founded by Curt Johnson, naming themselves “The WorksTeam”  in which Wendy was a founding member. This group started offering weekly conference call with free training to help their team and other marketers.

He is an excellent business coach who has mentored numerous people who have then created successful businesses and gained recognition as leaders in their own right.

More About Curt

Marsha Godwin

Dee Briggs

Marsha was a Corporate Executive for a Fortune 100 Company for over 12 years.  She earned Most Valuable Producer (MVP)  and other awards and accolades numerous times both in sales and management.   She has built Teams and led them to break records on several levels.   She has mentored, coached and trainer others to reach their desired level of success.   She has a successful background in Sales, Sales Management, National Accounts and Marketing.Marsha has an Entrepreneurial Spirit!   After leaving the corporate world, she became a home based business owner.   She is a Realtor, Online Marketer, Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Coach and Team Leader.    She loves to assist others in finding their own business success whether online or offline.Marsha is a Leader and Coach with The WorksTeam and the Co-Leader the WorksTeam Freedom Network and is an Executive Platinum Member and on the Advisory Board for FourSpots AdForce.     She can provide the coaching, mentoring and guidance YOU need to build your business, product and/or services or team.More About Marsha


Daryl Lozupone

Daryl is the founder and driving force behind Renegade Tech Consulting, a web services firm providing hosting, consulting, and training on WordPress and Internet Marketing. He helps the home and small business owner focus on what needs to be done today in order to make money tomorrow. He does this by providing turnkey technological solutions to internet marketers, reducing (if not eliminating) the technological hurdles of doing business online.When not in front of a computer, you can usually find him at a poker table.

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