11-2-09 "Bribes" to Get More Opt-Ins Video

Ethical, Creative “Bribes” to Get More Opt-in to your Lists

Building a huge list of opt-in subscribers is the golden rule of Internet Marketing. You’ve probably heard it said over and over again, “the money is in the list”, and for a very important reason…it is absolutely true. The bigger your opt-in list is, especially when you have targeted a niche audience, the more money you will make. If you want to be successful, it’s a proven fact that should not be ignored. But how do you build your list? How do you get people to opt-in?

On this training webinar, we’ll be discussing:

* How to write content so your target audience relates and connects with you
* How to create trust and credibility
* How to create simple reports and ebooks your niche market will want ….and gladly give you their contact information to get
* How to ethically leverage off ebooks and other material already created, but personalize your system so the people who opt-in connect with you
* How a simple system to deliver your ‘bribe’ after people have opted in, can keep you connected to your audience…and keep their interest, as you grow your lists.
* How viral marketing can have people not only opting into your lists, but referring others to join your lists too

Whether you are new to Internet marketing, or been in business for a while, you gain tips and ideas to help you grow your lists and your business!

NOTE: If you want to see the video in Full-Screen, right-click on the video image and select either full-screen, or zoom then full-screen depending on the browser you are using.

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