Consultative Selling Overview – Part 1 in the Consultative Selling Series

Learning how to attract people to you and build your opt-in lists does you no good if you don’t know how to connect and communicate effectively with people once they’ve opted in. In this first training of the series we will give an overview of the principles of consultative selling: online, locally and face-to-face. This training will provide the “big picture” of the consultative approach:

  • What the consultative really is… and isn’t
  • Why it is more effective today than other sales strategies that may have been effective in the past
  • How to apply consultative selling principles in the various ways you market your business

NOTE: If you want to see the video in Full-Screen, mouse over the bottom right of the video and click on the screen icon to the right of the volume control.


Part 2:  Getting Information: Connect and Discover the Wants and Needs of your Potential Client – 2/8/10

In the 2nd training of the series we’ll be focusing on how to make the initial connection and discover the wants and needs of your potential customers or business associates. We’ll be discussing:

The first 15 seconds –  why what you say is so important

  • The importance of really listening, and how to improve this crucial skill
  • How to find out what they really want and need
  • How to promote yourself while connecting with them
  • The importance of scheduling a follow up appointment, and how to do it


Part 3:  Giving Information: Explore their Wants & Needs, Leverage your solution & resolve questions – 2/15/10

In the 3rd training of this series, we’ll be focusing on how to explore the wants and needs of your potential customer or business associate once you have gathered some initial information and made a good connection, then provide a solution. We’ll be discussing:

  • Strategies for digging deeper into their wants and needs
  • How to provide a unique solution based on those wants and needs
  • The importance of win-win
  • Overcoming objections naturally and before they even come up

Part 4:  Getting the Commitment & Closing the Sale Naturally – 2/22/10

In the 4th and final training of this series, we’ll be focusing on the natural conclusion of the consultative selling process.  In you’ve gone through the prior stages properly, we’ll show you how natural and simple getting a commitment and closing the sale can be. We’ll be discussing:

  • How the prior stages of the consultative approach have established your credibility and lead to this last stage naturally
  • Why and how to ask for the sale in a way that you are comfortable with
  • Follow up and Follow Through strategies to increase repeat business and stronger business relationships

Consultative Selling Role Playing –  3/1/10

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