How is the training resources in the WorksTeam different than other business training and resources?

The training in the WorksTeam is cutting-edge and up-to-date, teaching you how to market your business is ways that are working effectively NOW – not 10 or 20 years ago.
We also provide LIVE and interactive on-going mentoring to assist members of our community to apply and implement what they are learning!

Is the WorksTeam a competitor of Ann Sieg’s Renegade System?

No, just read Ann Sieg’s testimonial on the WorksTeam site. The WorkskTeam and Renegade are complimentary programs.

I’ve purchased other training, why would I need or want to be a member of the WorksTeam?

The WorksTeam provides the “big picture” and a community where you can get your questions answered. Also, you may have new people who aren’t quite ready to dive into the process of attraction marketing yet. The WorksTeam can be a “stepping stone” to ease people into understanding how they can market more effectively or start a business. In addition, our open group mentoring calls are the only LIVE verbal interactive training we know of in the Renegade Community for under $20 a month! Come to all the calls if you want!!! Less the price of a soda for mentoring others charge hundreds of dollars for!

Can I promote the WorksTeam or recommend it to other people who would benefit from the training and resources?

Absolutely! When you become a paid member of the WorksTeam, you are automatically enrolled as a WorksTeam  affiliate and have access to your affiliate links.  You don’t have to promote the WorksTeam, but why wouldn’t you want to let others know about a fantastic training resource that can help them grow their business?  At the same time,  you can either cover your own membership cost with only two paying members, or create a second income stream.

I’ve Forgotten My Password or Having a Problem Logging In

Just click on the forgotten password link, then you’ll get an email with a link to reset.  After you click on the link you’ll receive a second email with a auto-generated password.  Use that to log in and you’ll see a message that you used a generated password and do you want to reset it to something you’ll remember.  This is a direct link to your Profile page.  Once on your Profile page, near the bottom half, above the PayPal area, you’ll see a place to enter a password you can remember easily.  Enter it, type it again below to confirm, then click the “Update Profle” page.

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