10-12-09 Increasing Online Traffic Video

Increasing Traffic: Getting Your Online Content Found By Your Target Audience

If you have a website, blog or online articles, it is important to get visitors finding your pages. If done right, you can create a “snowball” effect in the search engines. The more visitors coming and “hanging out” on your pages, the more important the search engines view your content and you’ll move up in ranking. The higher your pages are ranked the more visitors you will get, and so on. But how do you get the ball rolling??

On this webinar we’ll be sharing some free and inexpensive tools and tips to increase visitors to your pages, and build the momentum. We’ll also be discussing ways to bring visitors who already have an interest in the information, services and/or products you are marketing. So whether you are just starting out on the internet, or you’ve been here a while, you’ll gain some valuable ideas to help you increase your online traffic and bring your target audience to you!

NOTE: If you want to see the video in Full-Screen, right-click on the video image and select either full-screen, or zoom then full-screen depending on the browser you are using.

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