Coaching with WorksTeam Leaders

Why Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool for your business.  Often a coach can pinpoint the problem you are having and help you to make a huge difference in your success in a very short period of time. Some of the top leaders in the industry, including our WorksTeam Leaders, have benefited from coaching. That experience has made them excellent coaches because they have “been there” and understand some of the problems and struggles that you may be going through in getting your business moving forward and on the road to success.

Our WorksTeam Coaches

Curt Johnson

Marsha Godwin

Coach Curt is an excellent business coach who has mentored numerous people who have then created successful businesses and gained recognition as leaders in their own right.

He loves to help clients discover their niches & destiny, including their Leadership abilities and potential.

Marsha was a Corporate Executive for a Fortune 100 Company for over 12 years.  She earned Most Valuable Producer (MVP)  and other awards and accolades numerous times both in sales and management.

She has built Teams and led them to break records on several levels.   She has mentored, coached and trainer others to reach their desired level of success.   She has a successful background in Sales, Sales Management, National Accounts and Marketing.

Marsha has an Entrepreneurial Spirit!   After leaving the corporate world, she became a home based business owner.   She is a Realtor, Online Marketer, Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Coach and Team Leader.    She loves to assist others in finding their own business success whether online or offline.

Marsha uses FourSpots AdForce, Send Out Cards, My Video Talk and other various companies, resources and tools along with the training and mentoring platform of The WorksTeam and Small Biz Incubator to develop multiple streams of income for herself and her team.

Marsha is a Leader and Coach with The WorksTeam and the Co-Leader the WorksTeam Freedom Network which is a team of savvy marketers.   She is also an Executive Platinum Member and on the Advisory Board for FourSpots AdForce.     She can provide the coaching, mentoring and guidance YOU need to build your business, product and/or services or team.

If  YOU want to join a proven leader who can show you how to make your own business succeed so YOU too can find financial freedom, then Marsha would love to talk with YOU.

More About Marsha

Steven Webber

Migdalia Johnson

Steven brings 25+ years of experience as an executive, consultant and business owner. His practical insight and management skills have helped dozens of public, private, large and small corporations solve a myriad of problems.  Since focusing his attention on network marketing, he has distinguished himself as a team builder, award winner, marketing consultant, coach, mentor, national trainer and leader. No stranger to success, this Eagle Scout can help you run faster and jump higher in your business – no matter what it is. He is a published author, sought after public speaker and dynamic catalyst for the change you or your business may need. Steven says, “The only failure is to quit.” Migdalia is The Inside-Out Confidence Mentor, helping women over 40 find the energy within themselves to break out of destructive thoughts and behaviors and heal themselves from the inside out.

Her mission is to empower women to be beautiful from the inside out, by creating or renovating their confidence and follow their own hearts to release the emotional congestion that is getting in the way of being able to live their best life…regardless of the circumstances they are facing!

As The Inside-Out Confidence Mentor Migdalia will:

Offer wisdom, guidance and trusted support.

  • She is not here to waive a magic wand and give you the answers; she is here to shine direct light on you in order improve your self-confidence, by destroying the energy of inaccuracies within you, so that the truth of who you are emerges.
  • Help you eliminate the excuses you have embedded in your brain as legitimate. Those excuses legitimately extorting your self confidence and keeping you from living a life of abundance and gratitude.
  • Help you understand how learning to love yourself first is the foundation of your life.

Help you understand YOU are unique of all God’s creation and nothing can replace YOU.

Much, much more!!!

Samantha Gardner

Samantha Gardner

When Samantha began her adventure in the home based business industry, she brought her background in architecture and planning with her.  She has strong core skills in graphics, blogging and time management.

She has been able translate those skills to help teach and coach others just like you in how to get started online to build a network marketing or mlm business.  Samantha can lead you past the technical challenges and guide over the obstacles make it all happen.

More About Samantha

Special 1st Session of Coaching for WorksTeam Members

As a first time  introductory offer for our WorksTeam members, we offer one session of coaching with our WorksTeam Coaches at a discounted price. Whether you just need one session to go over some business ideas one-on-one with an experienced business coach, or you want to get a feel for how coaching will benefit you before committing to ongoing coaching, this is a great opportunity to help you and your business.

Complete the form below to sign up for one session of coaching with one of our WorksTeam Leaders:

one 1/2 hours session with a WorksTeam Coach
Price: $50.00
Payment Frequency: One-time $50.00
Subscription Period: Until Expires

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