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All paid members of the Works Team have an affiliate link and can promote the Works Team site to help others, to cover the cost of their own membership or to create an additional income stream. On this page you’ll find resources to help you promote the Works Team.  Much more will be added, so check back often.

To Get Your Affiliate Links:

After logging  into the WorksTeam site,  click “Site Admin” on the right to access your Dashboard

Look for “Affiliates” on the left column.  If you don’t see the “Get Codes” link below, just click on the drop down arrow next to “Affiliates”

Click on “Get Codes” for your affiliate links.  You can create your own shortened links by using the Permalink option.

Watch step by step directions on this in the The Works Team Site: Getting Started and Maximizing Your WorksTeam Membership training videos

Promotional Emails
Feel free to used or adapt these email in your marketing (make sure you add YOUR affiliate links!) Although originally created to promote the launch of the new Works Team site, they can easily be adapted. These emails are in text files so for html emails,  you’ll want to add bold, indent, italics, etc. to emphasis important elements within the email.

Email 1 highlights the WorksTeam’s connection with Ann Sieg including her testimonial

Email 2 emphasizes the need for education with Peter Arnold, Exec. Director of DRA in Canada, testimonial

Email 3 discusses the “Big Picture” of the WorksTeam – Joyce Edwards testimonial

Email 4 emphasizes that WorksTeam is complimentary to Renegade – Tamara Bergen testimonial

Email 5 discussed the importance of a mentorship community – Carolin Hauser testimonial

Email 6 credibility and leverage – Charlotte Howard testimonial

Email 7 emphasize the importance of value & affiliate program – Marsha Godwin testimonial

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