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Information to Help New Members Navigate the WorksTeam Members Site

The WorksTeam has a tremendous amount of help and resources available to assist our members in learning new marketing strategies, developing their skills and knowledge, and more. This page is designed as a reference to ensure you are getting the most from your membership.

Navigating the WorksTeam site

To access all the Members resources if you are logged into the Dashboard, click on “The WorksTeam” at the top. To access the Dashboard from the Members area, click on “Site Admin”

Members Home – If you mouse over the Members Home link at the top, a drop down menu will appear. You can also click on Members Home and the links to the rest of the site resources appear at the top, as well as members information.

WorkTeam Webinars – Under the “Members Home” link, you’ll see the link to the “WorksTeam Webinars” page. This page has the most recent WorksTeam webinar recordings, and registration links to upcoming Webinars for our members. Both free limited-access members and regular paid members can access this page.

If you wish to invite non-members to the live Mon. Night training webinars, send them to The WorksTeam blog, since they can only access the inside of the WorksTeam site if they are a paid or free limited-access member. The gray bar on the top list the WorksTeam blog categories. The “WorksTeam Webinars” link on the gray bar at the top is where all the details and registration links to the upcoming Mon. Night webinars are located for both members and non-members to see. If you are a paid member, you are automatically an affiliate, so use your affiliate link to the WorksTeam blog to send non-members to register for the Monday night webinars. That way, if they decide to join the WorksTeam, you’ll get the affiliate credit. Look below for details on accessing your affiliate links.

WorksTeam Library
Under the “Members Home” link, you’ll see the link to the “WorksTeam Library” page. If you are a paid regular member, you will be able to access the full WorksTeam Library of training recordings. As of August, 2010, we have over 175 hours of training, and continue to add to the Library every week! Free limited-access members do not have access, so will be sent to the membership page when they attempt to access the page. Once a free limited-access member pays to upgrade their membership, they will be able to access all the resources, including the Library.

Searching the Library

You can search the site by using the WorksTeam site search near the top left or you can hold down the control key while pressing the “f” key on your keyboard to bring up your search page function on your computer. Just type in part of the training title or the topic you need help with to find the recording. The Library is also organized with Topic Headings, although some topics could fit more than one category, so make sure you look thoroughly or use the search.

If you are a little overwhelmed with all the resources, and need help deciding which training you should access first, use the WorksTeam Mentorship Community “Getting Started” Flowchart

Your Dashboard –  In the Dashboard you can edit  your profile, change your password, view and/or upgrade your membership, etc.

Editing Profile, Changing Password & Forgotten Passwords

After logging  into the WorksTeam site,  go to the  Dashboard.  On the left click on “Your Profile”

You should update your profile.  Also, you can change your passcode to something easy to remember, or reset it if you forget it.

Forgotten Password or Problem Logging In

Just click on the forgotten password link on the login page, then you’ll get an email with a link to reset.  After you click on the link you’ll receive a second email with a autogenerated password.  Use that to log in and you’ll see a message that you used a generated password and do you want to reset it to something you’ll remember.  This is a direct link to your Profile page.  Once on your Profile page, near the bottom half, you’ll see a place to enter a password you can remember easily.  Enter it, type it again below to confirm, then click the “Update Profle” page.

To Get Your Affiliate Links:

After logging  into the WorksTeam site,  go to your Dashboard

Look for “Affiliates” on the left column.  If you don’t see the “Get Codes” link below, just click on the drop down arrow next to “Affiliates”

Click on “Get Codes” for your affiliate links.  You can create your own shortened links by using the Permalink option.

4 Responses to New Members Start Here

  1. David Blake says:

    I am a member with a user name and login password but I am not able to login.

    I also tried to use the lost password link but could not gain access there either.

    Am I not a member anymore?


    David blake

    • worksteam says:

      Hi David,

      You’ll need to register again once the site upgrades are completed, hopefully by the end of this week. I changed the membership software, and with all the problems I had with PayPal, everyone will need to re-register. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to working with you.

      – Wendy

  2. boz says:

    Hi Wendy,

    This is the message I get when trying to sign up for full membership. I have tried several times during the day but still get the same message!

    Enter your billing information

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Due to temporary difficulties we cannot process MasterCard/Visa transactions at this time. Please try again later, or use an American Express card.

    Please advise,

    • worksteam says:

      Hi Bryan,

      Looks like an AlertPay glitch. I’ve submitted a support ticket and will let you know as soon as it’s fixed. I’ll probably be adding at least one other payment option soon.

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