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The Renegade Network Marketer System

Many of those in the WorksTeam are using Ann Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer System,  the Renegade Marketer’s Manifesto, and/or MLM Blog Secrets to effectively generate their own qualified prospects and professionally market their chosen business.

Becoming a lifetime affiliate and utilizing the Renegade System is free with your one time purchase of The Renegade Network Marketer ebook. Get with your sponsor or WorksTeam leader for their link to download The 7 Great Lies in Network Marketing free ebook or to get more information about this marketing system.

Ask the WorksTeam member you are working with for his/her affiliate links to any of the Renegade ebooks or resources. If you were not referred to the WorksTeam by anyone, then you may use the links below:

Getting Started
Read the entire Renegade Network Marketer ebook

Re-read Chapter 10

Using your order ID # and the email address you used when purchasing, log into the Renegade System

Read the entire Quick Start Guide without clicking on any of the links to view other pages.

For those with their own personal editable website or blog (not a replicating website provided by your mlm company- skip this section for right now if you don’t have your own website or blog)

If you already have your own website up, a newletter that people subscribe to or other online marketing in place, you’ll want to get your back-end affiliate links completed before directing people to your ebook. You don’t want people purchasing the ebook and buying any recommended resources in the Renegade system without your affiliate links in place or you will be missing out on affiliate commissions.

Completing Back-End Affiliate links (Renegade University walk you through this in step-by-step videos)

Go to My Accounts, then Click on Back-End Affiliate URLs

If you are already an affiliate of any of these products/services enter your affiiate urls. You should have either gotten an email with your affiliate url from the affiliate program or log in information and their site address.

For any of the programs you are not already an affiliate with, you with need to complete their affiliate application. Most are free to join, but a few require you purchase their product or service before you are allowed to be an affiliate. You don’t have to complete all the affiliate links, but realize that you will lose out on affiliate commissions if someone who has purchase the Renegade ebook from you logs in their system and purchases products or services.

Learning About Marketing Options and Choosing the Best for Your Needs
There is a LOT of information and resources and options in the Renegade system for marketing your business. Everyone has different interests, strengths & marketing budgets so you will need to determine which methods will be best for you given your current situation. This system allows you to pick and choose, you are not going to use ALL the marketing ideas, so don’t get overwhelmed.

Click on Training & Resources, then Traffic Generation

Read the entire page through without clicking on any of the links to view other pages.

If you have a limited marketing budget, you will want to choose some of the free or very inexpensive methods of marketing: blogs, banner ads, articles. This is also a good starting point even if you have a bigger marketing budget, but are new to marketing methods.

Once you have some experience writing ads and/or after purchasing Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Adwords, you could branch out to PPC (pay per click). PPC can be very effective but you can waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why Perry Marshall’s ebook is a recommended resource. It will save you money and help you be more effective.

You will want to get with the person who you purchased the Renegade Marketer Ebook from (their contact information in on the last page of the Ebook) for additional resources and guidance in developing your marketing plan.

Curt Johnson’s newest Ebook, Cognition Coaching: The Renegade’s Inside-Out, Upside-Down, First-is-last Journey of Personal Mastery and Master Minds, is available through Renegade Pro, or you can grab your copy here.  Read Ann Sieg’s foreword and endorsement of this powerful book that will save you countless hours and dollars and frustration.  Curt shares some of the mistakes and lessons learned that you can avoid and greatly shorten your learning curve.  He skillfully condenses years worth of lessons learned into one very powerful and empowering book.

Curt’s ebook is an affiliate product, so ask the Works Team member you are working with for his/her affiliate link. If he/she does not have an affiliate link, you can purchase it by clicking on the ebook image here.

For those utilizing SendOutCards

Here is a sample card you can adapt to send to the people who purchase the Renegade Marketer Ebook from you. Ask your WorksTeam leader or complete the WorksTeam contact form to find out how to access the Rosie Riveter account to copy this campaign into your own SendOutCards account.

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