SendOutCards is a great tool to help you in ANY business. We are in a relationship building business. Making connections and keeping connected is extremely important to the success of your business. One of the areas that many marketers fall short is in the follow up and follow through (listen to our recorded training on this subject).

With SendOutCards:

You can send a real greeting card sent through the U.S. or Canadian Postal Service with your personal message, even in your own handwriting, in less than 60 seconds.

Choose your card
Write your message
Click send

SendOutCards prints it, stuffs it and mails it, all for less than a greeting card at the store. You can make a difference in someone’s life for less than $1 and a few moments of your time

So how can this help your business?

How many of your emails do you think are reaching your customers or prospects?

Have you noticed how many emails you receive that end up in your bulk mail?

With SendOutCards you can set up a personalized campaign. With the click of your mouse you can have a series of postcards going out to your customers or prospects. You can make a impression by going the extra mile, thanking your customers for their business and keeping in touch.

On average a person needs to be exposed to a form of advertising 7 times before they will respond. Postcards can help people remember you and your product or service. People lead very busy lives these days. They may really like your product or service, but simply forget. Life gets in the way; sometimes timing is not right when you initially talk with someone. Or perhaps you have an existing customer who really loves your product, but just forgets to call to reorder.

With PicturePlus 2.0, you can create personalized cards with pictures of you, friends, family or whatever you like. It brings out your creativity. This WorksTeam training video shows you how simple it is.

Holiday Card Sending: Maximize Your Time & Promote Your Business All Year Long! 11/16/11

(Click on video to play. You can send people to a page to view this recording at:


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SendOutCards is one of the recommended tools in the Renegade Marketing System. If you decide to utilize SendOutCards in your business make sure you get the website url or ID# from the WorksTeam member you are working with so they receive the commission. If the person you are working with is not an Enterpreneur in SendOutCards, contact your WorksTeam leader or Wendy Mills to find out whose site you should purchase from.

If you are NOT working with anyone who has a SendOutCards link, then you may use the link below:


For Those Already Using SendOutCards

Many of you may already be utilizing SendOutCards as a fantastic tool to improve your traditional or network marketing business and for some of you Send Out Cards is your primary business. Either way you are welcome and we have resources to help. Keep in mind these resources are not meant to replace the fantastic training and resources Send Out Cards corporate already provides. In fact, within this site we will be guiding you to some of those resources so you don’t overlook them!

Access to SendOutCards Resources

Use username: socworksteam   passcode: ideas

Also, there are WorksTeam trainings on SendOut Cards:

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