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Whether you are in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or have a traditional business, if you do not have a presence on the internet – you are missing out on reaching a lot of people in your target market!

These days most network marketing and direct sales companies provide a replicating website for their distributors either as part of the tools available for distributors or for an additional monthly fee. So why create your own personal website?….to promote YOU!The truth is people join people, not companies. Yes, your prospects want to know that the company is solid and the product or service is of value, but ultimately they are joining YOU! So why should they join you in XYZ company rather than someone else? That is the question you need to ask, and provide the answer to your prospects. This is also true in marketing your product or service. Why should they buy the product/service from YOU?
A personal website, even if it is just a few pages can allow you to highlight your strengths and let them see that you are a real person willing and able to help them.

So what are the Benefits?

First, you can fund your marketing efforts for your primary business by creating more passive secondary income streams. Just be aware that you need to choose other products or services that are complimentary to your primary company. An example would be having an Amazon affiliate link to network marketing books you have found helpful.

Secondly, you are directing people to you and your site. You can create a simple opt-in like a newsletter subscription, free ebook download, etc. and you are now capturing leads who have searched you out or have been directed to your site and interested enough to request more information from you. This is a lot better than chasing people who aren’t interested!

Thirdly, if your primary company should make changes you are not happy with, you can “fire” them and move forward with another company. I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but it happened to most of the WorksTeam leaders- in fact several times for some of us! Sometimes people at the top of the company can make poor decisions, or simple make changes that are not a good fit for you. To be truly independent, no more than 80% of your income should come from your primary network marketing company.
Anyone can put up a website these days fairly easily. There are simple website tools out there, replicating sites companies provide, and more. The problem is…having a website does you no good if no one is finding you!

One of the tools the WorksTeam Leaders recommends is SiteBuildIt! This system not only walks you through creating a site step by step, but has the website marketing tools and training you need as well. We have some downline members who knew nothing about website building creating websites and getting traffic to them within a couple weeks! The good thing is you just go through at your own pace. So what if it takes you longer? SiteBuidIt walks you through putting up a quality site, which in the long-term will be much more effective than slapping up a website quickly and have no one finding it.

Putting the Net into InterNETwork Marketing

Ann Sieg and Ken Envoy recorded two information-packed webinars on how to put the NET into your Network Marketing business.

Part 1: How to Put the Net into Network Marketing
Part 2: InterNETwork Marketing Explained 2

WorksTeam members SBI sites

We often have people wanting to see other SBI sites to get an idea of what they look like, the types of niches people create, etc. Below are links to a few of sites of WorksTeam members at various stages from just starting to content-rich, monetized sites.

Alicia Bausley

Curt Johnson

Wendy Mills


Both the Renegade Marketing System and SiteBuildIt! have affiliate programs. Make sure you contact the WorksTeam member you are working with to get their affiliate links so they receive commission for your purchase. Also, both are two-tier affiliate programs so you will want to join the affiliate program through the WorksTeam member you are working with as well. You can join the SBI affiliate program at no cost and you are automatically able to promote and earn commission with the Renegade System after your one-time purchase of the Renegade Marketer Ebook and logging into the System.

If the WorksTeam member you are working with DOES NOT have an affiliate link for SBI or Renegade, then you may use the links below:


Renegade Marketer

For Those Already Using SBI
We have a prior webinars that will be of help to you on the Recorded Calls page. Look under Website Development and Marketing.

Planning your Tiers

Wendy used a free desktop publishing software for planning her Tier 1, 2 and 3 pages that you may find helpful too – Serif PagePlus SE.

“What I like is you can drag words or phrases around while planning which words go together best. So you may start with a word or phrase a a possible tier 2, but move it to a tier 3 or vise versa. You can also add notes regarding your theme or copy and paste good key words at the bottom of the page until you determine how to integrate them into your pages. Here is a screen shot of how I planned my tiers.”

You can get the free Serif PagePlus SE software

list of sites with free or inexpensive royalty-free images and graphic tools

Free Photo Effects – color to grayscale images and more

Simple html
Although you don’t need to know html to build your website, here are some resources to help if you want to bold a word, put something in italics, create a link, etc.

Html “cheat sheet”

Free Online html Editor

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