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Jan Probst along with co-trainers Rich Kaiser and Curt Johnson will explore the basics of Writing and Content Creation with this Small Group Coaching webinar. We will combine the fundamentals of copywriting with some creative writing tips and tricks for the entrepreneur. We’ll also put this into action with training on marketing, sales funnels and other topics related to the creation and use of content.

Lead Trainer: Jan Probst

Recommended Resource

The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course (links to the following)


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Lead Trainer:  Jan Probst


18 August 2010  –  Writing and Content Creation Introduction

25 August 2010 – Writing and Content Creation: Similies, Metaphors, and Analogies

1 September 2010 – Writing and Content Creation: Headlines

8 September 2010 – Writing and Content Creation: Headlines Part II

15 September 2010 – Adjectives & Beyond. The Power of the Descriptive Word

22 September 2010 – Story Telling – Part 1: Personal Stories

29 September 2010 – Story Telling – Part 2: Creative Ways to Use Stories

6 October 2010 – Leverage Your Time by Repurposing Content

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