Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg

Wendy Mills and I have been long time friends and peers in the attraction marketing industry.  When we first met we were already piling on the value for our downline through additional training and mentoring through The Works Team.

Wendy has consistently delivered top quality results-driven training for the past four years.   Hundreds of people have directly benefited from Wendy’s leadership and marketing know-how.  (I know because a lot of my downline have reached to her for additional assistance. She’s been an awesome upline for me!)

The training she provides supplements any other network marketing training out there including Renegade Professional’s step-by-step process.”

Ann Sieg
author of the Renegade Network Marketer & Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto


“As a Financial Advisor and a Business Consultant, I see – in our current grim economy – a flood of people searching for alternative ways to create a more secure financial future for themselves and their loved ones.  And for the vast majority, starting a Home Business is the best answer.

But as a professional in the Home Business industry as well (for over 20-years), I also see the frustrations and struggles that most are having with achieving real success in their businesses.  And in the majority of cases, it’s because they lack the necessary skills.

Continuing Education, to acquire the right business and marketing skills, is KEY to succeeding in any Home Business (or traditional business) – and I am very proud to recommend the outstanding resources, coaching and mentorship that the leaders of The Works Team provide to us.  The real value of this – to all entrepreneurs – is unquestionable.  Curt Johnson, Wendy Mills, Cammy Stubbs, and the other leaders here are all highly successful, experienced professionals with impeccable reputations.  They are caring people with high credibility and integrity.  I feel privileged to know them and to be able to benefit from their expertise.”

peter-arnoldPeter Arnold, CLU, CFC // The ANMP
Association of Network Marketing Professionals


marsha-goodwin“The Works Team is an amazing support system for those of us trying to build and develop a traditional and/or a home based business.  I have used the information provided in the webinars and on the website in both my real estate and network marketing businesses.   The information is always presented in a clear, concise but thought provoking way.   Not only has The Works Team assisted me with my own thought process as I approach an idea or project but they have helped me think outside the traditional business box.   I feel like I’m never without a coach since The Works Team website is open 24/7…even when I’m in my pjs at 2:00 am I have a resource I can turn to for support!”

Marsha Godwin


tamara-bergen“The Works Team has been invaluable to me as an internet marketer. Their guidance and mentoring has saved me time and effort, their webinars have furthered my learning, and have given me a better understanding of the Renegade System for marketing. I know that I need to receive new information from different angles to process it. The Works Team has done that for me and they have also provided additional business tutorials that Renegade Professional doesn’t have. I like being part of a community of like-minded individuals, and The Works Team has offered me their training, encouragement, and friendship.”

Tamara Bergen



“The works team has been a very valuable resource for my business by freeing up my time and showing people real value that they get when joining our team. A lot of the things that are in the works team others are charging for and for this reason. I am truly grateful to have you guys as success partners. With the resources you guys direct us to it would be so hard to find on the internet and know if the tools would benefit us. The training you provide to us is cutting edge and it is very fun to learn and very duplicatible. With a support team in place anyone new to the internet or an expert would still get lots of good content and value they can use diligently.”

Charlotte Howard
South Carolina



carolin-hauser“The Worksteam and the Worksteam leaders are absolute amazing leaders. They have been sharing their time and knowledge so generously with everybody who is willing to learn this new model of network marketing. Abundance mindset and an absolute devotion to help and empower others is what makes this coaching community so unique and special.

Thank you so much, Two thumbs up!”

Carolin Hauser


nancy-christenson“In January 2005, I requested a free CD on line and became a “generated lead.” It was a lucky day for me when Ann Sieg called offering me assistance with my home based business. Not only was I incredibly fortunate to have Ann Sieg as my mentor, but I was now an official member of “The WorksTeam” – a fantastic bonus!

From personal experience, I can verify that Wendy Mills, Curt Johnson, and Cammy Stubbs are exceptional examples of integrity, genuine caring, and true leadership. They work tirelessly to keep up-to-date with the network marketing industry, providing us with the big picture through the vast knowledge-base that’s available on the WorksTeam website and their free Monday night training calls.

The WorksTeam training is generic, anti-hype, and provides instant credibility. It’s an exceptional resource to include in your marketing tool box.”

Nancy Christenson


ruthann-hall“In the spring of 2005, after completing a business course in Network Marketing at the University of Illinois in October, 2004, I was desperate for anyone I could trust in this so-called “snake oil” business.

Other members of a health & wellness company I had joined, and my up line, were all enjoying success and I was not.  All the help I received was vague and the training was so contrary to my science background. As many of us networking newbies, I launched an exhaustive search online for the truth behind this magical world where earning a living (not even thinking of a six figure income) was akin to winning the lottery it seemed.

Well, after many sleepless nights, I discovered a little CD whose promise was to enlighten me as to why 97% of us fail…try again at something just as elusive, and experience failure again. I received a phone message shortly after I ordered the CD to tell me that it was in the mail!  I was traveling and missed two more messages.  When I returned to Chicago, the first call I made was to this mysterious person to find out what she was offering me.

Lucky for me it was Ann Sieg that picked up the phone.  It wasn’t just because she was from the Midwest or a professional woman…it was the caring sense she conveyed in that first of several conversations we had that eventually led to my first Monday night call with the WorksTeam.  Well, I was glued to the phone while Curt Johnson, Ann, and another member at the time, chatted away but at the same time was setting down a systematic way to market a home business.

I am so proud to say that I am still deeply connected to the WorksTeam. Ann has pulled a lot of us up by the “hair on top of our heads” to get us to think, act and work professionally both online and off.  Curt has been an inspiration and a caring coach along my bumpy road to success. He’s a bit shy sometimes, but is the Founder of this group and is deserving of our deepest affection and gratitude.

This is the dawning of a new day for the WorksTeam.  While the founders are forging yet another way to lead us forward, they have not left their original mission behind. The training still goes on every Monday night in the capable hands of Wendy Mills and Cammy Stubbs.”

Ruth Ann Hall


dayna-camp“I am thoroughly enjoying the archived webinars and calls!  I can’t make the live Mon. nights very often so it is wonderful to be able to watch them in the archive.  Last night I watched the one about figuring out your niche. It helped me brainstorm in a whole new way. Thanks so much!”

Dayna Camp


joyce-edwards“I have been in network marketing for 20 years and have never learn how to run a business until I started with the Works Team webinars.  These are powerful lessons that have taught me so much about marketing and using my computer as an advantage. “

Joyce Edwards


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