8-11-08 Utilizing Oprius for Lead Capture, Emails & More Video

How to Utilize Oprius For Lead Capture, Email Campaigns and More

Generating your own leads and having people opt-in to YOUR list is extremely important in building your business. Oprius is not only a great contact manager program, but you can easily create opt-in forms to add to your website, blogs, and other webpages, as well as create landing pages. The great thing is that you can not only automatically send out email campaigns, but your contacts can automatically be added to your task list so you remember to follow up.

On this training we have Oprius’s Vice President of Sales, Greg Strong, as our guest trainer. He is going to be demostrating the simplicity, ease and convenience of Oprius for lead capture. Many WorksTeam members have used other autoresponder tools, but on the webinar you’ll find out why we feel Oprius is the best value and simplier to use than other systems.

If you haven’t tried out Oprius yet, ask the WorksTeam leader you are working with for his/her affiliate link so you can subscribe for a free 30 day trial. You don’t need to enter any billing information unless you decide to continue using the service. At only $14.95/month Oprius has much more to offer than more expensive autoresponder services.

Whether you have subscribed to the trial of Oprius or not, you will benefit from attending this webinar.

NOTE: If you want to see the video in Full-Screen, right-click on the video image and select either full-screen, or zoom then full-screen depending on the browser you are using.

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